Below is a list of mobile barbering services I currently offer.  All mobile prices listed, are based on a 5 mile radius of central Woking, Surrey. I am happy to travel further a field, but this would incur additional travel charges. POA. I also accept clients at my own home for barbering services, however this is by strict appointment only. Please note, barbering service prices for clients attending my home, remain the same as mobile prices.

I am happy to cut children's hair, however please be aware, children's haircuts are priced the same as adults.

For me to achieve the best haircut results. I require adults and children's hair to be clean and product free, on the date of your hair appointment. This also applies to beards, if your having a beard and contouring service.

With reference to payments, I'm happy to accept cash, credit or debit card, including Amex, Apple Pay, Contactless or Bank Transfer.


Haircut And Finish £33.00

From a classic short back and sides to a contemporary skin fade, all haircuts start with a thorough consultation. This gives the client the opportunity to express his or her requirements, expectations and if need concerns. The initial consultation also gives the client the chance to listen to my professional suggestions and opinions on what haircut, I feel would be best suited to the individual clients life style, image etc.

Bearded Man

Beard Trim And Contouring £30.00

Give your beard the attention it deserves with my beard trim and contouring service. You will also receive great advice on beard care and beard care products, ensuring your beard is always feeling and looking its best. 


Head Shave: £33.00

Basic Wet Shave: £33.00

Luxury Wet Shave: £40.00

A choice of shaves are currently available. All shaves incorporate the use of professional shaving products, however the basic wet shave is carried out using a contemporary safety razor, where as the luxury wet shave and razor head shave, are carried out with a traditional straight razor. *Please be aware, the luxury wet shave option is currently only carried out at my home address*

Image by Charisse Kenion

Luxury Hydrating Facial £40.00

Now days facials are growing in demand amongst men, young and old. The importance of keeping your complexion healthy and rejuvenated is not just seen as a ritual carried out by women before bed time anymore, but a necessity for all, especially as we are exposed to the day to day impurities life throws up in the air. One of the most requested facials now days is a hydrating facial.  So what is a hydrating facial? A hydrating facial is a skin care treatment that is full of water-rich properties. It has been designed to provide deep hydration and stimulate the deep layers of our skin cells and tissue to boost collagen, elastin and cell generation, while also exfoliating, removing impurities and encouraging blood flow to the skin. Book your hydrating facial today, your face will thank you for it! *Please be aware facials are currently only carried out at my home address*

Ear, Nose And Facial Waxing £25.00

Very popular with clients at the moment is the traditional Turkish craft of ear, nose and eyebrow waxing. This service is generally requested by girlfriends and wives for their partners, as one of their pet hates is when their boyfriends or husbands have long hairs sticking out their ears and noses, not to mention unruly eye brows that meet in the middle of a gents fore head. Commonly known as a "Man Brow" 

"Success Favours The Well Groomed"