Hello and thank you for taking the time to visit my website. My name is Richard Smith and I've been a professional Barber for many years. I constantly strive to deliver the highest of standards to my clients, as I feel taking care of your image is an integral part of your success and well being.

Since launching my premium mobile barbering business several years ago, my personal and tailored approach to each client, has resulted in the success of my clients returning again and again.

I currently have many satisfied clients on my books from all walks of life, however no two clients are the same, as everyone is an individual with their own unique look in mind.

Richard Smith

My Story


I started my training as a Barber many years ago, where I attended the local college to achieve my diploma in Barbering. On graduating from barber college, I worked in many different shops over the years, and continued to attend regular training courses and 'master classes' to build my skills to the next level. I not only learnt a lot about the business side of things, but also built up my repertoire of traditional and contemporary haircuts.


In addition to learning how to cut men's hair well, I learned how to trim and contour a beard; nowadays more and more men enjoy donning a beard, however keeping a beard tamed and shaped requires knowledge, effort and time.  Most men now enjoy a beard trim and contour service with a barber, to keep their beard looking and feeling good.


During my time working in different barber shops, I also learnt the art of wet and hot towel shaving.  Through a combination of practice, knowledge, patience and a steady hand, I mastered the art of a great shave.

Over the years I've learnt the art of giving a good facial, which is becoming more and more popular with clients, especially as a good facial routine is not just seen as a woman's ritual before bed time anymore, but a necessity for keeping a good healthy complexion.


I am also trained in the traditional Turkish craft of ear, nose and facial waxing, which, like facials have become very popular. Especially as girl friends and wives really appreciate partners that don't have excessively long hairs growing out of there ears and nose, not to mention out of control eyebrows, that meet in the middle, commonly known as the  "Man Brow"

I still to to this day attend further training in all aspects of barbering and men's grooming. This not only ensures my skills stay sharp, but also keeps me up to date with current trends. This then, in turn, benefits my clients as I am able to offer the latest hair styles and grooming advice.

Thank you for taking the time to read a little about me.  I hope this gives you a flavour of my journey and the experience I bring to the table.  I hope to get to meet you one day, but until then, please enjoy looking around my website and if you should have any queries, please feel free contact me.

Richard Smith


"Excellence is the gradual result of always striving to do better"